It’s almost time for PUCE to visit Bochum!

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In October, the first group of exchange faculty and students from FCLL / PUCE will visit RUB and share with our partners in Germany.

In 2019, our emeritus professor Dr. Marleen Haboud won the Georg Foster Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation after being nominated by Professor Dr. Laura Morgenthaler Garcia from RUB – Ruhr Universität Bochum. The award opened up the oportunity for our University to work together with the German University, RUB.

Marleen Haboud received the Georg Foster Research Award. Source: Español en Contacto

In April 2021, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of Student and Academic Exchange under the Program “Professional School of International Education” (PiStE) was signed between Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (PUCE) to be executed by its School of Communication, Linguistics and Literature (FCLL) in conjunction with Ruhr-Universität Bochum’ s (RUB) Professional School of Education (PSE) .

A few days after, the first encounter for both universities took place through an online Winter School (April 12-14, 2021). At that time, we had the chance to share with the people from RUB, get in touch with the PiStE and coordinate future joint activities between both universities.

On May 27th, a community engagement project between PUCE/Bochum and the intercultural school Yachay Wasi received green light from our Community Outreach Department. The community engagement project promotes teaching internships for students from both universities. We will like to highlight that our retired Linguistics teacher, Ileana Soto, is the academic advisor of this alternative bilingual (Kichwa/Spanish) school. As in all elementary schools in the country, English is taught as a foreign language as part of the mandatory curriculum.

In view of health restrictions, this semester the project is being carried out online, with the participation of one student from the education program at RUB, Janina Balzer, and four students from Linguistics at PUCE: Melisa Zapata, Isabel Toledo, Martín Zúñiga and Anthony Enríquez.

Screenshot from an online English class.

In July, the International Relations Department sent out the call for the first students’ short-stay exchange program that will take place this year, in October-November, at RUB.

Among the seven candidates that applied for the exchange program, PUCE’s Scholarships Selection Committee selected two students from Linguistics: María Paula Cortés and Esther Aguirre.

Also during this semester (October, 2021 – January 2022) Bochum offers 5 scholarships for PUCE’s students to attend two online courses: German for everyday school life and German in an academic context. This way, students that will be travelling next year (2022) to RUB can gain proficiency in the language in order to attend classes.

This October, Liliya Harutyunyan in charge of international affairs at FCLL, and Milica Dragosavljevich, Coordinator of the Masters’ program in EFL Pedagogy, will travel to Bochum and work with the English Department and the Professional Education School arranging travelling plans for RUB students coming to PUCE next year. Both faculty members will also engage in lectures and on campus activities in the area of Linguistics and foreign language education. On the other hand, our students will be in charge of research for a project on computational linguistics and inclusion in higher education.

We will be thrilled to get soon first-hand updates from our students and faculty about campus life in RUB. Our ambassadors will be taking forward all the good work done by Dr. Haboud in former years. Actually, one of the visiting students, Ma. Paula Cortés, does her internship in the Oralidad-Modernidad program led by Marleen Haboud. Recently they presented the study “The Linguistic Landscape of Kichwa in Food Products in Quito: Sumak Kawsay or Language Commodification?” in an online conference, organized in Sweden.

The Oralidad-Modernidad program presented the outcomes of the study in Gothenburg, Sweden (Sept. 2021)
Source: Oralidad-Modernidad

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